Is there actually a maximum mileage warranty on your vehicle?

Warranties are best sellers, at least for cars. As the auto market war rages unabated, car manufacturers are using the warranty factor to beat competition. Car owners are having a tough time to make a choice as the lure of longer warranty looms large on many brands.

There was a time when car warranties were almost all alike. Three years or 60,000 miles whichever happens earlier was the norm for validity of car warranties and it applied across brands. Warranty was never a parameter that could be highlighted to pitch sales. It was something that was more implicit rather than an exclusive element that could drive sales. However, with time the scenario changed and warranty is now considered as an important factor that influence buying decisions.

Warranty is linked to mileage

All brands of car including Audi, Honda, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and all others abide by the industry norm governing car warranty. Since car usage is an important factor that influences the chances of breakdown and repairs, how long warranties are valid is decided by two factors-the number of years of warranty and the driving miles. The two factors taken together take into account all kinds of car usage, from occasional users to regular users and even those who use cars almost round the clock. Like there is a defined period of validity of warranty similarly there is a capping for maximum mileage that could make the warranties expire even before the stipulated time.

Lengthy warranties

As technology, has changed the auto world, cars have become more reliable and comfortable to drive and ride. Safety features and emission standards have also been upgraded greatly and this has made cars more expensive. This advancement in technology has enhanced the reliability of cars so much that incidences of failures are much reduced. This has allowed car manufacturers to boast about the reliability of their brands and it is showing in the way warranties have been extended for almost a decade. Hyundai has thrown the hat in the ring by offering a 10 year warranty or 100,000 miles whichever happens earlier. It has outpaced GM’s earlier warranty for the same mileage but for 5 years duration.

Linked to reliability

Defects in workmanship and materials are all covered under warranty. The validity period and the mileage attached to warranties can thus be considered to have been worked out taking into consideration the reliability level of these two parameters. Therefore, the warranty features are an indication of the reliability of brands. It can be assumed that the vehicle is likely to give trouble free operation during the warranty period. However, even if problems occur, the manufacturer takes care of it. This aspect has translated warranty into one of the important selling features for cars.

It is really not known how the maximum mileage attached to warranties is worked out. However, it can be assumed that it is worked in a way so that extreme driving patterns are taken care of. This is the reason why warranties are good indicators of reliability of performance.